Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Last night, I dreamed that I was trying to organize Lester's cage but couldn't make it work. Then, I gave a reading in a blue round room, and a fat old man said to me, "I can't believe no one has published your book yet," and I said, "are you going to publish my book?" and he said, "no," and I said, "well why, then, can't you believe that no one has published my book yet?" After that, I remembered that I was trying to organize Lester's cage, so I went back to doing that. But I had his travel cage, and so none of the regular perches would fit.

I have new and very small ESL class--one student from Germany and one student from Italy. They are talkers, which helps. We started a unit on religion, and spent most of the morning talking about Burma/Myanmar. They read the newspaper. My previous class was smart, but did not read the news, which made morning warm up conversation quite difficult--once you move from talking about what you did yesterday and the weather, it's the news or the lesson.

I'm trying to make some postcard things to use during my readings coming up (not like I'm counting the days or anything, ahem). Once the poems are all on cards, I can rearrange them endlessly until I like the order for reading, and then I can give them away. I need something to give away or trade, since I have no chapbooks right now.


mike said...

Forget the postcards!
Your F-ing streets are collapsing!
It's really true what they said when I was growing up in the 80s, 'California IS going to fall off into the ocean!'

K. Lorraine Graham said...

The environment is more hostile to living that anyone admits, and the infrastructure for the most part was not built with the environment in mind. San Diego was mostly built with the military and real estate developers in mind. Streets collapse, forests burn, homes are buried in mudslides!

In the meantime, I will make postcards.