Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It feels like my entire brain is in my right eye.

My right eye is itchy and swollen. I have the urge to buy hundreds of dollars of vitamins and herbal supplements and also a fountain pen and expensive notebooks and this book on the history of wine in Persian food. I used to have a nice Waterman Expert II medium nib pen. I like medium nibs because the ink flows faster and so it is easier to write faster. I will buy none of these things. Well, maybe I will buy more flaxseed oil, but that is it.

The postcards will have to be orange, because that is the color card stock I have. How festive.


mike said...

I once put and entire snail brain in my right eye. It burned!

Jessica Smith said...

i have my eye on a fancy pen at Levenger. But i probably won't buy it, since it's equivalent to like a full day of work.