Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am thinking in space

I started to reorganize my office today. I moved some books into the bedroom. I enjoy sleeping surrounded by books. Mark and I went grocery shopping today. It was smokier in Oceanside. I have no idea if I am teaching next week. I probably am. I hope so.

I found a green sequined scarf when I reorganized my office. And also a wax head that John Havelda made that says "cul" on it. He once mentioned that he had a closet full of those heads--they show up in my dreams about twice a year, either on their own or in a closet.

I am trying to love my living space. I do love it, but I'm trying to take care of it like I do. There are fires, and we can't go anywhere or do a lot of work, so reorganizing seems like a good thing to do.

It was good to see friends in DC and NY. Had a lot of good conversations. Been thinking about Yvonne Rainer and Feelings are Facts, how to incorporate more movement into my readings. I always worry that it will be cheesy. Jessica said that even if it were cheesy, it would still be interesting. I'm interested in movement that is precarious--falling and near falling, and anything backwards. During my reading in DC, all I managed to do is pace. I think that I actually need to choreograph something, and then work back towards improvisation. I've never performed improvised movement alone.


kevin.thurston said...

i think it would be fascinating to start incorporating more movement into your readings. go for it, what is the worst thing to happen? it doesn't work out and you either regroup or shelf the idea.

Nada said...

I always have this question, too. I want to move, and I want to recite, but it usually doesn't work so well to do so simultaneously. I suppose that a cordless microphone would help, and/or memorizing poems. Instead, I notice that I tend to move either illustratively or interstitially. It's not quite what I want. Let me know if you figure out how to do it, or if you want to start a bi-coastal poetry & movement group.