Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I have decided

that Mark and I have decided to move into a restored cave house in central Turkey and live lives of contemplation and so on. Or else we will move to a large villa on the Aegean and you can all come over and go swimming.


marwal said...

Those are pretty good looking properties!

Jessica Smith said...

that cave is really cool, (though it's probably also really cool, if it's a natural cave-- 55 degrees) but the aegean one is beautiful. i vote for that.

tmorange said...

[TV voiceover] This week on "Psychic Oblivion": poets move into Turkish cave dwellings!

Ian Keenan said...

Real estate in Turkey is very odd. People can build on any land they choose, as property rights are looser than just about anywhere else. You can build a beach house and someone can come and build another house on a small space between you and the beach (I know someone who had this happen to them).

Also, inflation is so high that people spend all their savings on new housing. So a few US dollars can make a lot of things happen there but I don’t know about it as an investment. Caves are caves, though: you can’t beat a cave, and you and Mark would think up cool cave paintings and Lester can have fun with echoes.

K. Lorraine Graham said...


I am nearly convinced that this blog should be called either "Psychic Oblivion" or "Lester the Green Bird."

Ian, you can be our real estate adviser. Any thing we buy at any time is more likely to first be a place to live, and then an investment. But my dad is considering investing there, and I'm about to visit him, and it's the end of the semester so I'd like to run away even more than usual.

When I'm feeling like this, I tend to research international real estate.