Friday, October 07, 2005

Things that are true today

  • I am suffering from general achiness. Aches are a type of nagging pain. Note that general achiness is often related to general malaise or muscular atrophy. Obvioulsy muscles are just waisting away.
  • It rained a lot in DC today. I got caught in it after work and walked home barefoot.
  • I saw the mouse yesterday.
  • The birds in the trees outside my window are singing. It is sunset and they know it even though it is drizzling. Lester is singing with them. This is what he usually does.
  • If he is allowed to wake up with the light, Lester usually sings in the morning.
  • I did most of the standing sequence this morning and an abbreviated version of first series. Birds sing, so I am trying to do sun salutations.
  • My obturator externus and internus, gemellus superior and inferior, piriformis, and quadratus femoris are really really tight. They have gotten worse over the past few weeks.

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