Friday, October 21, 2005

Lorraine's exciting social life and teaching screw-ups

I was going to stay home tonight and clean. Instead, I am going to 1) Have dinner with some friends. Well, they will eat dinner and I will eat some dessert, because I have already eaten dinner. Then I will 2) go meet some other friends at a bar, where my friend is bartending.

On Saturday I'm going up to Baltimore to do the recording for my chap-CD thing with Narrowhouse. The main question is, will I retain my "endearing" neurotic reading style during recording.

Today's teaching screw-ups:

"Because the weather is cold, Lorraine wears more close."

Other thoughts:

I think that I should move to Istambul and open a bird sanctuary.

1 comment:

shann said...

maybe a simple comma-

Because Lorraine is cold, she wears more, close.

Sounds more poetic anyway-

I'm on a personal vendetta against "where you at?".