Sunday, September 11, 2005

I am a maid

I am a maid that sleeps in love, for I am a maid that's deep in love and I dare not once complain, I am a maid supplier from Indonesia, I am a maid agency in Singapore, but I also supply maids to other agencies, I am a maid that sleeps in love and cannot feel my pain, for though I am a maid, I can easily believe as how all men are not equally agreeable, once I am recovered from the apparent physical effects, and he understands that I think I am a maid, you must convince him that the effects are only temporary and that my memory will come back by itself, I am a maid, my lord, that ne'er before invited eyes, but have been gazed on like a comet, Sir, I demand, I am a maid named Iris, I am a maid that's deep in love But, yes, I can complain I have in this world but one true love, God is my witness, I am a maid, I am a maid of shots & pills swivel the lights of Beverly Hills, it’s for to wed your eldest son I am a maid oer mean, I’ll rather stay at home and die for Hazelgreen, I told you that I am a maid, a servant, I am a maid looking for houses to clean, but Saturdays only, well I am married with 2 kids so therefore i am a maid doctor cook jungle gym teacher human napkin and a gardner, I am a maid that's deep in love but yes I can complain, for once I was a sailor on sea but now I am a maid on shore,
I am a maid-servant of the Sairindhri class. I tell thee this truly, I know to dress the hair to pound fragrant substances for preparing unguents, I'll swear I am a maid, and he knows not, I am a Maid of Honor to the Queen of England, then for your heart to me resign befor your parents know it O then said she as I am a maid with you I'll freely marry I will no longer be afraid , but I am a maid and they think that I Should content me with weaving tapestry, I am no strumpet, by my life, I am a maid, and, as by my nature, and by my semblant and by my vesture, Myn handes been nat shapen for a knyf, I pretend I am a maid, the fact that I am a woman does not mean that I am a maid, am wearing a red hat in one scene, and I am a maid in another scene, and I am a lawyer in another, I am so excited you are here, I can walk down a residential street in a white neighborhood and no one will think that I am a maid or gardener, I am a Maid, not a Stone, I am a maid, but not a slave, But take this head-band, which the woman that made it gave to me; for it is not proper that I should wear it, because I am a maid-servant, people often think that I am a maid or housekeeper, and they say to me, "Oh how come they make you take care of so many children? I AM A MAID THAT NEEDS A MISTRESS TO IRON FOR AS SHE LAYS THE WHIP TO ME, I am a maid. A Big, glorified, maid. It's not that I resent doing these chores, but there's nothing special about me doing them. Anyone could do them. I am a maid within, And you're a fool without. I am a bachelor; and more than that I am a maid.
I am a maid who is looking for a lot of email training. So I want to ask all mistresses to mail me. I am a maid in sorrow to complain, I am a maid of honor (actually matron) at my best friend's wedding, I am a maid untouched, my wisdom, and somedeal of might, abideth with me, and only so long.

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