Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer is over, but I went to the beach today.

  1. SPD sold out of my book, so Rod has sent them more!
  2. I am impatient for reviews.
  3. Or, at least, stop telling my friends and my boyfriend what you think of my book and tell me instead.
  4. No autumnal clothes for me for a few more months. The best I can do is wear jeans and sometimes a light sweater, but that's pretty much true all year round here.
  5. Remembering how funny Dada is: "Dada will kick you in the behind and you will like it." I like the fact that they say "behind" instead of "ass."
  6. Jerry is coming all the way from Amherst to visit!

1 comment:

Ryan W. said...

congratulations on the sold out book. that must be... nice. I've sold about 3 or 4 copies of mine. but. I've promised copies to everyone who has published me or curated me, and that's pretty much everyone I know who would buy one, so. and it's not really out there in any other way, etc. I don't think I know as many people who I don't know as some people do. I get a kick out of giving the book to people and am looking forward to sending it out there and here and there once I get envelopes. I haven't seen yours except the cover and am *barely* literate lately, but I will of course see it and am sure it's beyond very good. this was a long and written comment I think. godspeed re: reviews.