Friday, September 18, 2009

Now that I'm beginning something new, it might as well be over.

  1. Not bored with Language Poetry. Not bored with John Cage, either.
  2. I haven't even started classes at UCSD yet, and I already have to look for funding for next year from a grant database made for PhD students, not MFAs. Oh well. If I don't get funding for next year, I just won't go back.
  3. Been grading all. Day. Long. That's why I couldn't meet with you at 4pm.
  4. Convinced that real estate limits mobility. Unless one is rich or bought one's real estate in the 70s, 80s or before.
  5. Missing good bookstores.

1 comment:

jeannine said...

I agree with you on 3 and 4! And doesn't USCD provide funding for Phd students? I hope they do, for their sake, because you are going to be a star in their program :)

Also, I'm sorry I never got to have you over for a dinner party! Glenn is a tremendous cook and you and Mark were so nice to have us over. Maybe we can invite you out to stay with us in our Napa apartment if we can get you a reading out there?