Sunday, May 03, 2009

Recent etc.

Recent visitors: Heather Hurwitz, Colin Smith, Lee Ann Brown, Julie Patton, Brian Kim Stefans
Recent readings: Colin Smith, Lee Ann Brown, Julie Patton, Brian Kim Stefans, Geoffrey Dyer
Recent food: stuffed artichokes, mixed berry spoon cake, grilled vegetable pizza
Recent exercise: running
Recent asana: handstand (as usual)
Recent news: my book will be out soon
Recent dreams: dragonflies and something about Nada and Gary having a big dryer in their apartment.


Nada said...

Can we have a washer, too? Thanks!

tmorange said...

that's a rich life of recencies!

my merest and nearest claim is to having seen and heard a balinese gamelan owned and played by students and faculty of bowling green state university not at their own campus but at kent state university stark county campus.

friend of the kangaroo said...

Dragonflies are always special

K. Lorraine Graham said...

It was a weird dryer. You got inside and tried to convince me that it was safe!