Tuesday, April 14, 2009


  • Back to teaching ESL in the AM, which I prefer.
  • Back to getting out of bed early, which I don't prefer.
  • Terminal Humming is this close to going to print!
  • I cleaned my study.
  • I am nearly back to normal and not sick any more. What was that, anyway?
  • I ordered heirloom Lima beans from Rancho Gordo.
  • Michelle is making me a 33" travel hoop with 1/2 inch 125 psi tubing (ooh, hoop gear talk). It will be packable, light, fast and bouncy!
  • Colin Smith is coming to visit soon!
  • Mark and I did laundry today. I have not folded or put away my clothes.
  • I have hundreds of papers to grade by tomorrow.
  • It's overcast and kind of cold, for here, but a santa anna is supposed to come in tomorrow.
  • I have a timely interest in spring onions. They are good grilled, roasted, etc, etc.

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