Sunday, June 01, 2008

I've never, ever had a successful diet that didn't include alcohol, bread, and cheese.

I did three rounds of hanumanasana in my yoga practice today, and also worked on jumping up into handstand from two legs. Hanumanasana remains a challenge, but I think my hamstrings are opening up a bit. They'd better be after all those hanumanasanas! Handstand, though, was more satisfying. I managed to jump up (with two bent legs--instead of kicking up) and balance before I hit the wall. That must mean that my core muscles are getting stronger, since I have the strength to not only jump up, but also break and balance. I'm still working on jumping into it with straight legs, though.

Yesterday we went to the beach and today we also went to the beach. I have one more week left before I start teaching ESL in the mornings again. I intend to go to the beach a lot this week.

I've been looking at Mario Batali's new book on Italian Grilling. I like his recipes--they work, even if you don't have a fancy kitchen, etc. Yum. I'll still be cooking/grilling my favorite Middle Eastern and South Asian recipes this summer, but I've decided that it also won't hurt me to begin studying updated European traditions, either.

I said that today's birthday wish would be something about health and vanity. I've been reading Anna Karenina. Levin's just started his obsession with death, and now Anna has picked up on it as well. I'm not obsessed with death. I am at times obsessed with the nexus between health, beauty, and physical comforts. I spend quite a bit of time maintaining my health (through exercise, yoga, and food) and my beauty, but I'm not interested in maintaining either of those things at the expense of enjoyment.

So, today's birthday wish is that I'll practice yoga well into my 70s and beyond, that I'll never develop some weird sensitivity or allergy to cheese, wine, or scotch, and that I'll maintain my ability to stay up well past midnight.


banaphshu said...

happy birthday. the 30's are the best

sandrasimonds said...

Happy Birthday. 30 is an amazing age (I'm almost 31, so I'm hoping 31 will be even better)...

I know it's cliche to say that french women know how to eat but I think that they do. (My mom's french). Here are the things that she has taught me that totally work:

1. Never, ever deprive yourself. That means eat anything that you want but never eat too much. You should always feel like you want just a bit more!

2. You should stay very, very active. A day should not go by where you don't do anything. Even if this means walking for an hour. If you don't do anything, don't eat as much your you will gain weight.

3. Cheese is great. Who would want to live in a world without cheese?

4. Have lots and lots of sex with Mark!

Hope this helps


sandrasimonds said...


I wrote a poem for you on my clog.