Monday, June 09, 2008

I am nostalgic in the most self-indulgent way possible.

This picture was taken in Singapore, ten years ago to the day. Actually, I'm not that self-indulgent or nostalgic. It's just overcast and the last day of my half-vacation. I'll go for a walk. Clean, organize, read more Anna Karinina, ponder deep issues such as

What kind of cake should I make?

I've always been fond of carrot cake, but I also have a recipe for an almond-plum cake with crème fraîche and a crazy banana layer cake with mascarpone frosting. However, since Mark and I can only eat so much cake (and I'll make a second cake for his birthday later in the month), I wonder if I should make something simpler, like flan (which I love but have never made). I won't be doing any cooking until this weekend.


Elisa Gabbert said...

Happy birthday, Lorraine!

tmorange said...

indeed you don't look a day older!

btw, is that pepsi and seafood?

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Thanks Elisa & Tom : )

And, yes, that's Pepsi, but not seafood--it's some very spicy chicken. Yum.

emily said...

ni how, quiche, and happy birthday. was thinking about you and monsieurr littlefield this week!
your blog is GREAT.
that's alls i gots to say....