Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Raining

It also rained this morning, but it was secret rain. I am awake and can clearly see it is raining, so the evening rain is not like the secret morning rain.

Today I struggled to define the word "ilk." It was a tired ESL teacher moment. I attempted to rattle off a list of "synonyms" that included eel and elk. Good job, Lorraine!

I drove to work today because of the rain and for other reasons. It was strange to drive to work. I enjoy listening to music in the car, and it was nice not to get wet, but everything else about it was weird.

My friend and I were talking about the things we like about being here (we've had plenty of conversations already about the things that we don't like). Here is my list:

  • I like the winter weather.
  • I like the birds.
  • I like the ocean and the natural living and nonliving things in the ocean.
  • I like the lagoons.
  • I like the weather in July-September.
  • I like the yoga studio.
  • I like the fact that a mountain lion has been seen recently in the parking lot at Cal State San Marcos (I also worry about the fate of the mountain lion, but this is supposed to be a positive list).
  • I like Carlsbad. It is a nice little town.
  • Even though I feel like I socialize less than I did in DC, this is not statistically true.
  • Lester has a good vet.
  • I enjoy having people over more than I used to (true, this is in part because people cannot drop by casually the way they did in DC, but still.)
  • We are close to Mexico.
  • My work life is pretty good.
  • I have become a better cook.
There are other things, too.

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mike said...

it's snowing

i like like liking things