Thursday, December 20, 2007

I think I will dress in an excessively festive manner.

I was going through my desk drawer at work and found a poem written on an index card. It is probably a year old, and discrete, as far as I can tell. It is very much a Lorraine poem.

Tomorrow is my last day of teaching for a few weeks. My head is a foggy balloon. Anyway, the whole school is going ice-skating. I haven't ice-skated since last year in Oman (which was great--they were playing Christmas carols, and "O Holy Night" was interrupted by the call to prayer). Before that, I hadn't been ice-skating in ages. My ice-skating skills are not up to par. I admit that I find skating in rinks weird--most of the ice-skating I've done has been on lakes and ponds.

I've been listening to lots of girly music.

I am going to see The Golden Compass this weekend and maybe I am Legend.


Kevin R said...

like the poem. it's funny! took me a second read to "get it." i'm getting denser with age, like wood.

i relish the small moments of personal past rising up to greet the present with found napkins, envelopes, scraps of papel. in your honor, i shall do the same over at my site.

why are people dicks? just asking.


K. Lorraine Graham said...

Hi Kevin,

I'm not sure I got this poem when I found it. I like your site! I shall link to it! Hooray!

"People are dicks" is a quote. From a song. With a name I cannot remember now.

I like this line because of the word "people." It doesn't say that men are dicks. Nope, it says that we all are dicks. This is incorrect, of course, not all people are dicks, and the word dick has numerous gendered and cultural reverberations, none of which are quite right. I like this line for all of these reasons.