Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today, I am dressed like Robin Hood

Although I'm not wearing the right sort of hat. Somewhere, maybe at my Mom's house, I have a Robin Hood hat. I played Robin hood in a 6th grade production of "Robin du Bois." It was in French and produced in a Protestant church.

I graded all day today. And then participated in a conference call. Dressing like Robin Hood makes me feel like my life is more exciting and daring than it really is.

I did go to yoga. I can nearly go backwards from standing into urdva danurasana. I tried it today and almost made it. I would have fallen on my head, but someone was spotting me. I actually think that having a spot messes me up, because I get all worried about them.

I enjoy being upside down.

I am strong, but not very flexible--except in my back and feet.

My teachers say I have a lot of masculine energy. Ah, content-free binaries.

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