Monday, March 05, 2007

It is March, and you are still cold and crazy

1. I'm going to be making designs for the Yoga Center that will eventually be silk screened (by someone other than me) onto T-shirts. Bring on the scalable vector files!

2. My left sit bone attachment--i.e. the top of my hamstring, where it connects to my femur/thighbone--is sore. Really really sore. It is usually sore, but not usually really really sore.

3. I am wearing contacts. This is new for me. I think that not wearing glasses makes me look tired. Now that I wear contacts, I need to learn more about eye makeup. Other than day-old mascara, I don't really have the necessary techniques down.


Jessica Smith said...

you just have to put your contacts in before you put any makeup on. if they come out or you take them out and try to put them back in while you have eye makeup on it is the dickens.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

I'm good with eyeliner and shadow and's the dark circles that I can't seem to deal with. Isn't undereye concealer supposed to conceal the dark circles under the wearer's eyes? Mine never really does this.