Thursday, September 30, 2004

Shark and Sharks

There is a shark of the coast of Massachusetts:

State will Seal off Shark from Boaters
Sharks don't end up in shallow cold waters off the coast of Massachusetts unless "things" are going badly. In Florida, children and pets get eaten by aligators every so often. When said aligators have the contents of their stomachs' checked--which means I suppose that game wardens or plain ol' wardens come and kill 'em--they are often quite empty (apart from the child or pet).
Some recent alligator stories:
According to the article above, although there is no sure way to tell how much interaction with humans an alligator has had, "There are indicators. If an alligator approaches a human, then it most likely has lost its fear of humans." Moreover, "the vibrations of a lawn mower can attract alligators because it stimulates them, as can feeding them."
Also, you can read about a woman in Miami who found a dead and chopped-up aligator in her yard.
In Florida, the Fish and Wildlife service will not trap and kill an alligator unless it is deemed to be a "nuisance alligator"--an alligator that is not affraid of humans. This implies that most alligators are afraid of us, or at least will not approach us. Most of the gators I've seen just sit in the mud in the sun. But they were Singaporian gators.
I worry about sharks and alligators that are out of place.

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