Thursday, September 30, 2004

Penis Blimp

Yesterday there was a small white blimp in the sky that looked like a small white penis. It was floating just above the tops of the buildings on Massachusets avenue, near Dupont Circle. So there was a small white penis-blimp floating against the grey-white clouds and I just stood on the corner and looked up at it. People looked at me looking up but no one else looked up. What was it doing there?

Someone else obviously noticed, because a news-google search for "Washington DC Blimp" yeilded the following results:

Army Blimp Paraded Over DC
Security Blimp Hovers over US Capitol

Apparantly floating blimps in the sky is a technique which "harks back to the 19th century, when military forces would track enemy movement from balloons above the battlefield" (see 2nd article).

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Spook said...

interesting... =)