Thursday, January 07, 2010

Now, I use it with some regularity--when appropriate.

1. Before moving to California, I never used the word "motherfucker."

2. A new quarter at UCSD has begun. I am taking 1) a multi-genre workshop that all MFAs must take with Anna Joy Springer 2) The second class in the movement for theater sequence, still with Charlie Oates, 3) a seminar in the Visual Art Department on subcultures with Ruben Ortiz-Torres.

3. Beyond that, I'm TAing for an intro poetry class with Michael Davidson and still RAing for the New Writing Series. And I'm teaching online, and doing bits of contract work here and there.

4. I have blisters from playing Zen Chaos in movement for theater. Someday I will describe Zen Chaos in detail, and write down all the rules. It's a bit like ultimate frisbee with two hacky sacks instead of one frisbee, and cartwheels are a regular part of the game.

5. In the multigenre workshop, I said that my goal was to make my work somehow a combination of the Bee Gees and Sun Ra. I got very excited.

6. No doubt you have all seen the video of "Stayin' Alive." But just in case you haven't:


Joseph said...

Cool. Say hi to Rubin for me -- he's a good friend of Rita's.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Hi Joseph! So far, the seminar promises to be interesting, and Rubén seems very cool. I'll give him your hellos, for sure.

Office of the Cultural Liaisons said...

1. is a result of driving making it a early word (learned but some how not repeated as often as you would imagine) of most children driven to and fro in those environs. Sadly i prefer the early BeeGees -songs of a 16 year old.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Hello Office of the Cultural Liaisons--I hope you're well! I'm not sure I follow the first part of your comment, although it's true that I do use this work when I'm either a) driving or b) sore or injured. Are there linguistic anthropologists who study and chart the use of particular words in the US? I'd like a map showing the distribution/use of "motherfucker!"

Tell me more about preference for the early BeeGees, would you?