Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I wanna be a male model

Everyone has their own form of smelly disgustingness.

In an attempt to send off work in a timely manner and not irritate people who have kindly asked me for work, I've printed up several things. I think that See it Everywhere might be finished. It's my most unwieldy manuscript to date, and I really need someone to look at it who could help me make it both coherent and unwieldy at the same time.

I suppose that is what MFA workshops are for. Oh, I am exited by and fearful of the MFA workshop.

Everything I write is serial, too. I don't write discrete poems. So, I have trouble choosing sections to send to magazines when they say, "send 2-4 poems." I wish editors would give me a page or word count instead. I sound like I am complaining, but I'm not. I'm happy people like my work and publish it sometimes.

I have work in Abraham Lincoln #4, along with many other fabulous peoples. Buy a copy! A single issue is still only $5!

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