Friday, January 09, 2009

“Lorraine is a very uncertain quantity, my dear.”

“You wear the costume of Lorraine,” he ventured.

“Is it not pretty? I love it. Alone in the house I always wear it, the scarlet skirts banded with black, the velvet bodice and silver chains—oh! He has broken my chain, too!”

He leaned on his gun, watching her, fascinated with the grace of her white fingers twisting her hair.

“To think that you should have first seen me so! What will they say at the Chateau Morteyn?”

“But I shall tell nobody,” laughed Marche.

“Then you are very honourable, and I thank you. Mon Dieu, they talk enough about me—you have heard them—do not deny it, Monsieur Marche. It is always, ‘Lorraine did this, Lorraine did that, Lorraine is shocking, Lorraine is silly, Lorraine—’ O Dieu! Que sais’je! Poor Lorraine!”

“Poor Lorraine,” he repeated solemnly. They both laughed outright.

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