Friday, November 21, 2008

I think my peers should write about their alienation in more interesting ways.


Ryan W. said...

maybe they're not really alienated. they just think they should be.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

You're so optimistic, Ryan.

I think that thinking one should be alienated and assuming/thinking/believing/hoping you're is just a kind of alienation, because it suggests that you are estranged from your own sense of self.

Ryan W. said...

I dunno. I think someone could wish to be alienated, or wish to be like alienated people, just out of mild confusion. I don't think being estranged from sense of self counts as alienation, tho that kind of estrangement could follow from alienation, confusion or other things, or could follow from the same conditions that bring about alienation, confusion or other things.

on the other hand, someone could wish to be like alienated people because alienated people seem to be having a better time, or actually are having a better time. in that case, the wish for alienation might not be driven by confusion.