Saturday, October 11, 2008

I put on a different kind of eye liner than I usually wear

It is green. Now my eyes are watering. I should stick to Clinique charcoal gray, or whatever color it is that I normally use.

I got a flu shot this morning, and then took my external hard drive to be fixed. Although neither was a pleasant task, they went well enough.

My trial-size perfume samples arrived. Six of them. I will find a good, long-lasting, citrus-based scent.

I have no content right now. My content is beach town. My students saw a dead seal on the beach that, according to them, looked like it had been the victim of a shark attack. It's windy, clear, and cool today, windy enough for white caps--my favorite kind of North County weather.

I think I've decided on a place to get my hair cut: Detour Salon in Encinitas. It will probably be a bit overly-trendy, but that's ok. I'm going to try and get an appointment with either Jessica or Jillian, because I like their hair.


Nada said...

I cut my hair like four inches. People say I look a little less like Cousin It.

I switched from brown eyeliner to black -- hey, why not. I only wear lancome "artliner."

I'm wearing a very nice plant-based curl cream, much better than the 4.99 sunsilk I have been using. This costs $20 but is much less allergenic.

And I have a new scent: called Parvati Goddess or something like that. Vanilla, amber, and musk, in a roll-on, yeah baby!

I think your new haircut will be vampy and gorgeous.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

"Vampy and gorgeous." You flatter me, Nada, but I hope so. Today's perfume was something Italian, Ecorce d'Orange, by Sinfonia di Note. A nice balance of citrus (mostly bergamot and orange) and musk. It was, in fact, quite sexy and long lasting.

I liked your long hair, but I suspect I'd like your current haircut as well. Did it become more curly when you cut it shorter?

Clinique quickliner in slate is my everyday eye liner, but I love to wear green, too. I will need to find a new brand--been using something cheap. Who makes a bright yet tasteful green-blue eyeliner? Urban Decay? Tarte?

Stan Apps said...

I like the technical aspect of this conversation. . . I really wish I had the knowledge to geek out on beauty products.

jeannine said...

Urban Decay's 24/7 eye pencil in green is really soft. I like it a lot. Maybe I'll wear it on Tuesday! It makes me feel so 80's.
Have you tried Eau d'Hadrien? I could bring you a sample. Another favorite is an old one by Hermes (I used to run a perfume shop in my early twenties!) called Eau d'Hermes, but they changed the name and now it's called Orange Verte. It also keeps wasps away. Comptoir Sud Pacifique makes an "O'Pomelo" that smells exactly like grapefruit and lasts a long time.