Thursday, September 11, 2008

Without Nuance

Probably many of us who vote aren't significantly affected by the government to have enough of a perspective on the very real differences between a Democratic and a Republican administration. I don't mean that we aren't affected. I mean that we feel like we aren't.

I don't worry so much about the President (though I worry about that plenty) as I do all the low and mid-level bureaucrats who will loose or get jobs based on the next election. I don't want Republicans as heads of the various foreign policy desks at the State Department, for example, and I don't want someone fresh out of an internship with the Heritage foundation to be doing their fact checking, either. Oh for the days when people with PhDs in German literature were on staff at the NSA.

CNN just advertised the next "Larry King Live" with the tagline "Sarah Palin, Up Close."


Joseph said...

I don't know. I feel very affected by it, emotionally. Don't you? I get sick to my stomach sometimes thinking about a possible McCain/Palin administration.

And it's not only the low and mid-level bureaucrats we should worry about, but any and all working people -- heck even the people out of work -- who will or will not gain an audience with Obama or McCain.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Hi Joseph. Yes, my wording was backwards, or at least wrong. I do feel affected by it. I do get sick to my stomach thinking about another Republican administration. But I think my emotional involvement with it is about as profound as my emotional involvement with a soccer match. Which is to say that it's very intense, but also a measure of my lack of emotional intensity elsewhere. Getting emotionally overwrought about the elections feels hopelessly sanctioned. I'm doing it, nonetheless.

My comment about bureaucrats was rather basic and pessimistic, perhaps: I'd rather have stupid Democratic bureaucrats in DC than stupid Republican ones. I think people out of work are screwed, and most working people are too, though they'll be slightly less screwed under an Obama administration. The "slightly less screwed" part is why I'll vote for Obama, not because of any particular hope for change, etc.