Sunday, August 31, 2008

Having people over makes me happy

and makes me love our apartment in spite of the wall to wall carpet. Here's what I've made for our 3rd annual Labor Day party:
  • Baba Ghanouj
  • Skordalia (Greek potato and almond dip/sauce, one of my favorite things ever)
  • Hummus with Paprika and Whole Chickpeas (the most fancy hummus I've ever made)
  • Egyptian Spiced Carrot Puree (I also love this, mostly for the spice topping part, which is made of toasted ground hazelnuts, coconuts, coriander seeds, and cumin seeds, and other stuff)
  • Roasted Red Pepper Involtini (little rolls made out of roasted red peppers filled with a ricotta mixture. These taste good but fall apart)
  • Roasted tomatoes with honey and thyme (they are so good! Good on bread, especially with some ricotta)
  • Rice Salad with Merguez and Preserved Lemon Dressing (I couldn't actually find any Merguez, so I used some spicy chicken sausage, but it tastes good)
  • Three Pea Salad (hurray for peas!)
  • Beet Salad with Candied Marcona Almonds (Marconas are addictive even when they're not candied. And I love roasted beets)
  • Cheese, fruit, etc
This is a fairly long list, but it really only took me a few hours on Saturday morning (which left plenty of time for hooping and the beach), with some final preparations today before I head off to yoga. I roasted anything that needed to be roasted outside on the grill, so I didn't even have to heat up the house.


Anonymous said...

This menu looks amazing. Any chance you'll be posting some recipes any time soon?

skyplumber said...

it was all very delicious

Jessica Smith said...

that does look amazing.

i got my ticket to LA for $275, which is about $225 cheaper than I expected it to be. which means maybe i will be less like, "i can't afford to go visit lorraine" and be more like, "i'm going to go visit lorraine." maybe when buffalo becomes unbearable in those late-winter months.

sandrasimonds said...

I bet it was soooo good.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

@not-laconic: maybe I'll post some recipes. Part of me just wants to start a food blog.

@skyplumber: thanks! Hopefully we'll see you at a reading or elsewhere sometime soon : )

@Jessica: I'll definitely see you in LA. But yes, San Diego is nice in March, and our couch is very very comfortable...

@Sandra: It was totally sooo goood.